Did You Know?


Alex’s Army recently donated $35,000.00 to Wilms Tumor Research, and the awesome thing is our foundation is only 1 year old!

We are committed to helping make up for the lack of funding childhood cancer research currently receives from our government, our nations kids deserve ‪#‎morethan4‬!

While this is a small donation in the world of big pharma and research, to our small organization and as parents of a child who has fought this exact cancer for 6 years, $35,000.00 is HUGE and we are so excited to be able to continue do whatever we can to help fund new research initiatives as our foundation grows!

Right now Alex’s Army is on the leaderboard for the WTOP contest, which truly is amazing! That said,we REALLY want that prize money so we can continue our mission to help families like ours battling this disease!

We have an amazing event we are planning in January that will directly impact lives for families affected by childhood cancer in our area! This money would be a HUGE blessing to that event for those families.

Please help us

When you share, be sure to suggest Alex’s Army, if you just share the link then your friends and followers won’t know what you want them to do or who you want them to vote for.

Contest ended September 25th at 5 PM.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!